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The Highland Lassie

  • Music from 18th Century Scotland

  • Premieres Online Jan 20, 2022

Evoking the wild and rugged beauty of Scotland’s heathered hills, this program of Scots songs and reels from 17th & 18th century sources crosses boundaries from folk to art music and from the alehouse to the salon. Premiering in time for Burns Day (January 25), soprano Elena Mullins sings tales of love and loss including “Barbara Allen” and Robert Burns’ famous “A red, red rose.


Elena Mullins, soprano
Julie Andrijeski, violin
Allison Monroe, violin
Daniel Swenberg, lute, English guitar & cittern
Debra Nagy, oboe
Rebecca Reed, gamba & ‘cello
Mark Edwards, harpsichord


      • Your favorite musical is Brigadoon
      • You’ve always thought you could pull off a kilt
      • You’re the last one on the dance floor at a Cèilidh

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Highland Lassie Preview - featuring The Broom of the Cowdenknows