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Song of Orpheus

  • Music by Rameau, Courbois, and a new work by Jonathan Woody

  • Premieres Online October 7, 2021

Baritone Jonathan Woody and soprano Hannah De Priest recount the story of Orpheus’ descent to the underworld, his charming of Hades, and his attempt to bring Eurydice back to the land of the living in rarely-heard cantatas by Jean-Philippe Rameau and Philippe Courbois. A new instrumental work by Jonathan Woody reimagines the powerful magic of Orpheus’ lyre.


Hannah De Priest, soprano
Jonathan Woody, baritone
Shelby Yamin, violin
Debra Nagy, oboe
Rebecca Reed, gamba & ‘cello
Mark Edwards, harpsichord


      • You’re intrigued by the idea of contemporary composers writing music for historical instruments
      • You love the small-scale drama of the French baroque cantata
      • You aced every one of your Greek Mythology midterms in college

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Song of Orpheus trailer feat. Jonathan Woody