Subscription Packages

Check back in July for 2021-22 Subscription Packages!

Concert Series

The Concert Series consists of four cinematic virtual concerts designed to immerse you in a nearly-live performance. Each will premiere on a Thursday evening and be followed by live Q&A. They will remain available for purchase and viewing for an additional 10 days.

Please note: Our ticketing service does not allow for purchasing multiple Series in a single transaction. If you would like to purchase subscriptions for both the Concert and SalonEra Series, it will require two transactions.


SalonEra is our innovative new online variety show. Each episode brings together a slate of national and international artists in a combination of live performances, pre-recorded content, and intriguing dialogue you won’t hear anywhere else!

SalonEra Subscription ($75)

SalonEra tickets are free with a suggested donation of $10 per episode. Or, take the thinking out of it with a subscription and automatically get access to episodes emailed to you as they approach!